The South West is located in the south-western corner of Australia and covers an area of nearly 24,000 square kilometres with some of WA’s best growing climates.

According to Abares in 2017–18, the gross value of agricultural production in the Western Australia – Outback (South) region was $1.9 billion, which was 22 per cent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Western Australia ($8.6 billion). The region has over 1500 farms and is incredibly diverse in what it produces with Grain, Beef and dairy dominating the landscape. Horticulture however is rising along with sheep and nuts.

Southern Dirt is working with landcare and grower groups in the region to develop supply chains and value add activities for the benefit of landholders. With over 50% of growers earning less than $50,000 in revenue per year it is very clear that help is needed.

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There are a number of projects currently underway in the South West region. Please visit our projects area to read more about existing projects, or ones that you could get involved with.

In particular we are working on:

Southwest Beef supply chain strategy

Microabattoir feasibility study – documents for members only

Cobatch processing facility advocacy and development

Online food and beverage direct to consumer platform and app