Below is the list of research projects currently underway. For further information on any of these trials, please contact Adele Scarfone on 0428 632 625

Claying Effectiveness in the Albany Port Zone – Year 2

Claying has become a vital amelioration tool within the Great Southern region on WA, where the soils are typically sandy, low in organic matter and have a prevalence for non-wetting issues. Claying has shown to be most effective at increasing yield performance on sandy duplex soils, where the clay is incorporated in to soils with an extremely high sand percentage in the top 30-50cm of the soils profile, to lift the overall clay content within crucial area of the soil profile.

Now in  the second year of the project we are looking at various application rates in forest gravels.


Making dams work again? That’s damn smart

Southern Dirt have three demonstration sites in our region that are investigating solutions to improve dam efficiency and investment.

One site is measuring the evaporation from a vegetated dam as well as trying to understand rates of flow from sub-surface drainage as an option for increasing water harvesting. 

The second site has had a dam cover installed on a stock dam with the intention to monitor evaporation.  

The third site has had 900m of tile drain installed which will also look at water harvesting and flows into dams.


dual purpose crops