Project Overview



Participating Groups:

Southern Dirt & Stirlings to Coast Farmers

Project Duration:

Two years (2019-2021) extension for SCF until 2022

Project Host(s):
  • Theo Cunningham – Cranbrook
  • Todd Lubcke – Darkan


Project Aim

To develop, implement and manage a research trial and project extension to improve the confidence in diagnostic methods for delineating and implementing methods to overcome non-wetting in a variety soil types, and to increase the confidence of growers in the decision making for improving soil productivity.

Preliminary Findings:

Two sites have been established in Cranbrook and Darkan with both mechanical soil amelioration and wetting agents trialled. These will be followed over a two-year period to establish any second-year effects from the previous year’s treatments.

Cranbrook Trial Treatments:

Nil control
SE14 at 1 L/Ha
SE14 at 2 L/Ha
SE14 at 4 L/Ha
Terreland Plough + SE14 at 1 L/Ha

Darkan Trial Treatments:

Nil control
SE14 2.5 L/Ha
SE14 2.5 L/Ha + Flexi N
Terreland Plough
Terreland Plough + SE14 2.5 L/Ha
Terreland Plough + SE14 2.5 L/Ha + Flexi N