Project Overview



Participating Groups:

Stirlings to Coast Farmers & Southern Dirt

Project Duration:

Three year (2018-2020)

Project Host(s):
  • 2018: Ladyman – Carrolup (Year 2 of 2-year trial)
  • 2019: Craig Bignell – Broomehill (Year 1 of 2-year trial)
  • 2019: Ben Webb – Muradup (Year 1 of 1-year trial: extension to be requested)

Project Aim

To compare legume crops in farmer scale seeding strips to determine their profitability and benefits to the following cereal crop.

Preliminary Findings:

The 2018 Carrolup site was sown with Jurien Lupins, Bolt Lentils, Samira Faba Beans and Striker Chickpeas. Dry sowing conditions and poor weed control reduced yield potential. In 2019, the site was seeded to Planet Barley with site evaluations ongoing to determine any benefits from the previous year’s legume crops.

Two sites were established in 2019:

Broomehill: Samira Faba Beans, Jurien Lupins, Bolt Lentils and Striker Chickpeas (Ora Peas surround trial site).

Muradup: Farah Faba Beans, Jurien Lupins, Eliza Serradella, Timock Vetch.