Project Overview



Participating Groups:

Southern Dirt & Stirlings to Coast Farmers

Project Duration:

Two years (2019-2021) Project extension to March 2021

Project Host(s):
  • Jono Clifton – Ryansbrook 2018/19 (Discontinued)
  • Harold Wass – Mayanup 2019/2020


Project Aim

The aim of the project is to identify if summer cropping is a viable tool to improve winter crop establishment, crop rooting depth and yield in a waterlogging year, therefore increasing the winter cropping area.

Preliminary Findings:

The Ryansbrook site was seeded on the 4th October 2018 to Ebony Cowpeas, Pearler Millet, Hyola 970CL and Sprint Sorghum with good germination. The site was grazed in January. With no significant summer rainfall events the summer crops did not persist, and the site was discontinued.

With grower interest in summer cropping continuing, GRDC has extended the project, and a further site has been in located in Mayanup.