Project Overview



Participating Groups:

Stirlings to Coast Farmers & Southern Dirt

Project Duration:

Three years (2018-2021)

Project Host(s):
  • Paul Duffield – Darkan
  • Craig Bignell – Broomehill

Project Aim

To evaluate the grain yield and economic benefit of soil amelioration and controlled traffic practices to alleviate non-wetting soils, compaction and waterlogging on a broad range of soil types across selected port zones of WA.

Preliminary Findings:

Soil amelioration treatments were implemented at both sites in 2018. At the Darkan site treatments were Terreland Ripper, Depth Charger, Mouldboard Plough and Nil treatment. At Broomehill site treatments were Mouldboard Plough and Deep Ripper, Deep Ripper, Plozza Plough and Deep Ripper, Plozza Plough and Nil treatment.

This trial site was placed on a gravelly duplex soil type displaying non-wetting characteristics on the surface. Three out of the four treatments at the Broomehill site in 2018 yielded significantly higher than the Nil treatment control.

The Darkan site was established on forest gravels with non- wetting characteristics. No treatments increased yield over the Nil treatment control. The Mouldboard plough yielded significantly less than all other treatments, this may be due to seeding depth issues because of the uneven surface and the drying of the soil profile after amelioration, leading to reduced germination percentages and early vigour.